XDesign provides superior tools for the creation and manipulation of printed textile designs.
XDesign uses and fully benefits from industry standard Photoshop platform in terms of compatibility, speed, ease of use and reliability.



Essential image manipulation tools :

  • Offset - Moves the content of the image by a specified horizontal or vertical amount. The space of the original location is filled by another part of the image, taking into account the drop value.
  • Repeat - Fully flexible step and repeat tool taking into account any drop size
  • Cut - Intelligent cutting tool allowing for free parallel borders and any drop value
  • Strip - expands or reduces the dimensions of image , including or cutting a zone along a straight-edged , horizontal or vertical line.
  • Fold Up - Folds up an image taking into account a drop value. It performs either a transparent or full merging overlapping.
  • Quick Repetition - Repeats an image based on a pattern, where an item may be rotated and/or flipped
  • Verticals - Build an image from colored vertical bars, allows you to set the number of bars, color and width of each bar. It includes pattern management for greater productivity.

Color reduction, Separation and Coloring tools :

  • Half-tone Separation - Enables textile design prototypes to be produced directly from digital files by providing innovating automatic or manual separation functions, based on the selection of main colors and the edition of the Hue, Saturation and Luminosity curves.
  • Solid Colors Separation - Manually reduces the number of colors from an indexed image.
  • Print Simulation - Performs raster films processing and creates a multi-channel Photoshop image ready for coloring.
  • Colorways - Half-tone (TC Coloration)- Simple and intuitive half-tone films coloring tool and final image generation.
  • Colorways - Solid Colors (DES Coloration) - Simple and intuitive half-tone films coloring tool and simulation of the final raster image. Colorways are stored in the final image.

Productivity tools:

  • Color Book - Easily create ready to print Photoshop color-books.
  • Color Nuancier - High productivity generator of ready to print Photoshop color-books, based on up to 3 reference colors.
  • Archiver - archives any Photoshop image into FIAN DESBASE enterprise design catalog.