The ultimate sale assistant for wooden stairs
EscaVision is the first and only reliable solution that addresses and solve the issue of the complexity of wooden stairs. A powerful yet simple and intuitive sale assistant will guide you through the selling process and help you offer to your client the stair he wants. EscaVision flexible architecture allow you to use and prepare selling scenarios for both simple standard and complex custom-made stairs, while benefiting from an extensive contextual sale help with images, warnings and descriptions.

Stairs products global scheme


A complete stairs engine, containing all construction rules, computes and verifies for you all the details of building stairs while leaving you the time to decide, with your customer, about major stairs elements: bottom steps, finished balusters, claustras, hand rails, storey balusters. An advanced and powerful price management module based on generic or manufacturer related catalogues, provides you with instant pricing and help you explore, with your client, different options.

All the complexity of creating, computing, verifying, pricing a wooden stair is hidden for you so you can go, with your client, through the usual steps of defining a stair :

  • Choosing the staircase type (linear, L, U, S, G and spiral staircases)
  • hoosing the stairwell type
  • Constructive limitations related to the client's room constraints
  • Search among the standard staircases in your catalogue or
  • Calculation of the best custom-made staircase that matches the constraints
  • Choice of the related options
  • Display of the setting of the future staircase in photo-realistic detail (walls, partitions, windows, doors)
  • Customer management and order processing