Esca Design new release

Already over 100.000 stairs/year planned with EscaDesign !
ESCA DESIGN is a complete software package including a sales module, a plan tool as well as stairs optimized CAD-CAM. Small to medium and large stairs manufacturers rely on EscaDesign CAD platform, simple yet powerful.

EscaDesign modules


EscaDesign main functions

Plan (configuration and CAD):

  • Stair style : traditional, contemporary, design
  • Stair shape
  • Steps balancing
  • Steps and risers detailed configuration
  • Stringers : lateral, under steps, centrals
  • Posts and balusters : vertical or horizontal wood based, metal, tubes, cables
  • Numerous assembly options
  • 3D rendering

Manufacturing :

  • Optimized wood panels usage
  • Drawing plans and a powerful draft module
  • Support for all large printers

ESCA CN - CAM module :

  • Produces ISO code for 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machinery
  • Simulation tool
  • EscaCN - a control panel to better manage different zones of the CNC machinery
  • Laser control
  • Optimized tool paths