DESBASE is a fully integrated information system allowing for designs catalogues creation. Smart DECO is a innovative visual sales support solution that can be efficiently used in business to business situations or at retail.
It makes it possible to virtually present multiple combinations of styles and materials as photorealistic images in order to facilitate selection by your customers..


Features and benefits

DESBASE catalogues:

  • Store all your collections in a central database .
  • Store all designs information concerning production specifics, suppliers involved and physical characteristics of materials and inks.
  • Create your own search criteria for easy images retrieval when needed.
  • Automatically generate and send to your clients emails containing design information and images attached.
  • Produce sales catalogues directly from design files.
  • Increase productivity, Reduce sample production, Speed up response time.
  • Enhance communication between designers and production units.


  • For textiles manufacturers and retailers, Smart DECO is an attractive tool to show customers what fabrics and materials would look like on the finished product whether they are designed for furniture, home textiles, apparel footwear, luggage…
  • It contributes to making the act of purchase more secure and attractive for the customer and building a professional image as a unique customer-service oriented company. Moreover, your complete textiles collections can potentially be shown and tested at reduced cost before producing...